Board Name: Board of Assistance
Description: The Local Assistance Board shall have such powers and perform such duties as arre prescribed by general law and ordinance, and shall appoint a Director of Welfare pusuant to State law.
No. of Member: 3
General Frequency of Meetings:
Appointing authority: Mayor - City Code 2-50
Financial Disclosure Requirements of Members : No
Schedule of Meeting:
Advice to Volunteers:

Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle
Robert Sadowski03/15/201101/01/201612/31/20161 year 
Molly Lenz01/01/200801/01/201612/31/20182 years 
Jeffrey Krowicki01/01/200701/01/201712/31/20182 years 

No. of vancancies: 0

Non-Member Information:
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