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Board Name: Board of Health
Description: The Board of Helath shall have the power and authority to adopt ordinances relating to the protection of the health of City resident, shall employee and have under its juridiction the Health Officer and other shuch other employees as are necessary.
No. of Member: 7
General Frequency of Meetings: Once a month
Appointing authority: City Council - Municipal Code 2-51 and Title 26 of the New Jersey Statutes.
Financial Disclosure Requirements of Members : yes
Schedule of Meeting: Third Tuesday of the month
Advice to Volunteers:

Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle
Mike Jackson02/20/202402/20/202412/31/20244 years
Nicole Key09/21/202101/01/202112/31/20244 years 
Karen Lukenda 12/18/200101/01/202412/31/20274 years 
Robert Hauschild02/16/202101/01/202212/31/20254 yearsCommissioner
Wayne Hanns01/18/202201/18/202212/31/20244 years 
Carol Birritteri03/20/201801/01/202312/31/20264 YearsCommissioner

No. of vancancies: 1

Non-Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle