Board Name: Insurance Fund Commission
Description: To insure against any loss or damage to any property, motor vehicles, or equipment of the City. To insure against liability resulting from the use or operation of motor vehicels or equipment of the City. To insure aginst liability for the negligence of the City, its officers, employees or servants. N.J.S.A 40A:10-6 and municipal ordinance 2-80
No. of Member: 3
General Frequency of Meetings: Once a Month
Appointing authority: City Council. Appointee must be an Officer of the City
Financial Disclosure Requirements of Members : Yes
Schedule of Meeting: First Wednesday of the month.
Advice to Volunteers:

Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle
Joseph Bodek12/14/201002/07/201602/06/2018Two years  
Nancy Koblis 03/17/201002/07/201602/06/2018Two Years 
Joseph Dooley03/17/201502/07/201602/06/2018Two years 

No. of vancancies: 0

Non-Member Information:
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