Board Name: Shade Tree Commission
Description: The regulating, planting, care and control of the shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery upon and in the highways and parks of the City.
No. of Member: 5
General Frequency of Meetings: Once a month
Appointing authority: Mayor - City Code 2-58
Financial Disclosure Requirements of Members : yes
Schedule of Meeting: First Thursday of the month
Advice to Volunteers:

Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle
Jeff Tandul04/02/198501/01/201712/31/20215 yearsChairman
Cathy Cierpial02/19/201301/01/201312/31/20175 yearsCommissioner
Ron Martins01/21/201401/01/201412/31/20185 yearsCommissioner
Judy McCarthy01/01/201409/11/201512/31/20185 yearsCommissioner
Kevin Strisovsky08/16/201601/01/201712/31/20215 yearsCommissioner

No. of vancancies: 0

Non-Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle