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Board Name: Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Description: The Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control shall have the powers and duties provided for such boards in Title 33 of the New Jersey Statutes and it shall in all respects be governed by the provisions of such Statute. The Board shall be vested with the exclusive powers, duties and rights to administer the provisions of Title 33 in the City of Linden in accordance with the Statute.
No. of Member: 3
General Frequency of Meetings: Once a Month
Appointing authority: City Council
Financial Disclosure Requirements of Members : Yes
Schedule of Meeting: Second Wednesday of the Month 4:00 pm
Advice to Volunteers:

Member Information:
NameOrig. App.Curr.AppExpireTermTitle
Elizabeth Cornwell 06/16/200406/17/202206/16/2025Three years 
Thomas Gassler10/19/202106/05/202006/04/2023Three years 
Theodore Chesney06/19/201806/05/202106/04/2024Three years 

No. of vancancies: 0

Non-Member Information:
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