Munidex Public Works Superintendant

Public Works Superintendant

Citizen Complaint Tracking

Equipment Maintenance

Manpower Utilization


Work Orders

Job Costing

Clean and Lien Billing

Pick up Lists


MUNIDEX provides software solutions to track all Citizien Inquiries, as well as Work Order activity.  Well known for its ease of use, the MUNIDEX system will provide you with:

Complaint Information – With the date entered, date completed, Category, Assignee, and Location.  Show that to the judge the next time you are called to testify.

Enter Data Only Once – It is distributed to all reports automatically.

Work Order Activity – Print your Work Order  - including Equipment Utilized, Personnel, and Supplies.  Job costing may also be done.

View Project Activity and the resources required to complete a Project.  Generate reports that can be easily understood by outsiders.

Demonstrate the Amount of Downtime due to Comp Time, Sick Time, Training Time, Vacation Time, etc.

Show Detailed Analysis for repair, replace or new purchase decisions for any piece of equipment.

See a Calendar of your Work Order activity.  Track inventory.  

How to get more information / started?

It is easy to get started on the MUNIDEX Systems.  MUNIDEX provides software, installation, conversion of existing data, implementation, training and ongoing support.  MUNIDEX requires Windows 98 or greater for workstations, and a modern Network Operating system (2000, NT, Novell, etc.) 

Subscription options allow for easy payments.