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PET LICENSES For all your Dog ands Cat licensing requirements. Prints the VPH 10, full audit trail, automatic renewals and much more.

BINGO & RAFFLE Fully integrated, creates both the "Findings & Determination" and the "Bingo or Raffle" license. Easily prints the annual report, full audit trail included, as well as extensive reporting.

MERCANTILE LICENSES Turn those various paper license books into a thing of the past. Flexible (you define which licenses you issue), dynamic and expandable as you grow. Prints the actual license, and has a simple renewal process included.

VITAL STATISTICS Records all Births, Deaths and Marriages. Prints both the 4-part Marriage License and certifiable copies, both "Long and Short" certifiable copies for Births and Deaths – all at the click of a mouse. Extensive built-in reporting includes monthly County Death report.

BOARDS & APPOINTMENT TRACKING Ever miss an appointment expiration? Need to manage the annual disclosure reporting? Need up to date address and phone listings? All this, and much more in a simple, easy to use format.

INDEXING SYSTEM Ever spend a lot of time "looking up old records" to find an important item? This quick, easy to use reference system uses extensive "key word" search capabilities for Ordinances, Resolutions and Minutes details. Expandable reporting capability, designed to meet individual needs.

CITIZEN COMPLAINT TRACKING Protect the municipality from bad public reactions and lost complaint information. Record all contacts and track them through to final resolution. Prepare reports of "open" and "closed" issues and provide the governing body with details, facts and vital information.

LANDLORD / TENANT TRACKING Simplify the cumbersome task of keeping track of all landlords (and tenants). Can also be used to print certificates if required, as well as detailed activity reports on all rental properties in the municipality.

LIQUOR LICENSE TRACKING Simple, yet complete system for recording all relevant data pertaining to all Liquor Licenses, both active and inactive. Provides a complete history for each license, pace for additional comments and recording of incidents and violations. Full, flexible-reporting capability included.

How to get more information / started?

It is easy to get started on the MUNIDEX Systems.  MUNIDEX provides software, installation, conversion of existing data, implementation, training and ongoing support.  MUNIDEX requires Windows 98 or greater for workstations, and a modern Network Operating system (2000, NT, Novell, etc.) 

Software license prices start at $650 for single license, stand alone system.  Subscription options allow for easy payments.