Munidex Inspection Software


MUNIDEX has developed software to automate the inspection process:

· Print Checklists

· Record Violations

· Pick List of Codes

· Record Collected Fees – Generate Cash Journal

· Print Re-inspection Checklist

· Track by Block and Lot, Name, Address, Inspection Number, Date, etc.

· Generate Activity Listings

· Print Certificates

· Generate Form Letters

Software Features

32 bit Windows Software

Easy to Use, Easy to Get Started

The Finest Reporting Available

Flexibility Built In

Integrated Report Writer

Take Advantage of Modern Laser Printers

How to get more information / started?

It is easy to get started on the MUNIDEX Financial System.  MUNIDEX provides software, installation, conversion of existing data, implementation, training and ongoing support.  MUNIDEX requires Windows 98 or greater for workstations, and a modern Network Operating system (2000, NT, Novell, etc.) 

Subscription options allow for easy payments.